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Artist Consulting


JAS Artist Consulting's main focus is to help artists to get on the right path for radio airplay success that often leads to getting concert performance invitations and sometimes concert tours.  Most independent recording artists know the music but not the music business and try to navigate a tough industry on their own. Most independent recording artists or record labels find that they don’t have much success and waste a lot of money.


JAS Artist Consulting can help guide your career or label in the right direction and we can help you to maximize your opportunity for success in a very competitive music marketplace. We will consult you and make sure you have your business in order to give you the best opportunity to succeed. 


We offer 3 months of our services for 1 low price. The consulting service allows you to call, text, email, or Zoom meeting any time within the 3-month agreement to ask for advice.


Here is what you will receive:
Valuable information about the music business customized for you and your growth.
We will answer any questions or concerns that you have about the direction that you are headed in. Guidance and support for 3 months to help you make wise decisions in your career.

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